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We are passionate for intelligent, remarkable, and digital strategic marketing. mCloud is synonymous with ROI in business and marketing management. Achieving the efficiency is very simple if activity is correct. mCloud adverting agency is most effective in Google Ads and Facebook ads.

Global thinking and strategic planning is the success key for each marketing step – from comprehensive marketing strategy to the smallest KeyWord . Our appeal – is to go into the client's business, to find appropriate solution and gain joint effectiveness. Our success is based on mCloud main values – Team & Technology. By Team we consider real professionals, by Technology – service assortment, quality, and transparency of strategic marketing consulting and full-service digital marketing. our advertisng agency provide Google Adwords since 2007. year.

Motivated, educated, experienced professionals, who love their challenge!

mCloud Team can be proud of great amount of higher education diplomas, Google Adwords certificates, profound experience in marketing, relationship, internet, IT solution management, and real passion & positively-creative attitude towards our work and life!

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By Technologies we consider our 4 groups of services – mCloud MS, KNC, Amplify and ITpakalpojumi. Besides global thinking and strategic planning, we are proud of our full-service, truly multidisciplinary, digital marketing – advertising network, SEM, SEO, web design & development as well as marketing consulting, planning and implementation.



mCloud provides strategic approach for each step of marketing activities – from comprehensive marketing strategy down to the smallest KeyWord. We do it by going into clients business to reach joint effectiveness by collaboration, monitoring, corrections and flexibility. mCloud success key for correct project establishment is our Team of professionals. Referring to our work everything we do is measurable, transparent and methodological.



About mCloud Marketing Strategy

Global thinking and strategic planning is the key for successful marketing

  • increase the efficiency of your business
  • avoid MC mistakes
  • establish a strong and proper brand name
  • identify significant competitive advantages
  • enhance the possibility of increasing company's market share
  • develop correct distribution of Marketing Budget

Strategic Marketing Planning identifies a significant competitive advantage, by implementing and controlling the marketing activities on the highest level of integrity.

mCloud - IS NOT a typical marketing solution. mCloud - IS: individual strategic solution according to the customer's position in the market, prevention of client's lack of activity and errors, development of opportunities and advantages.

We are not speaking about one P! We are speaking about all 7P!


  • Design & development of companies marketing strategy
  • Strategic planning of marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring, adjusting and evaluating marketing campaigns
  • Social media communication strategic planning & administration
  • Developing creative solutions

About KNC

We provide social media account development and maintenance. Content, creative visuals, company's corporate image, product, promotion and target audience acquisition. While digging deep into the company's operations, products and target audience, we produce appropriate social media communication strategy. We are focused on results, practical and understandable with a planned return. We build partnerships with clients based on mutual responsibility.

Keywords Network Communications (KNC) – advertising in Latvian web resources with 1 million users. We're passionate about innovation, meaning that our clients benefit from a cutting edge approach to internet advertising by exact targeting.

Product & Service
Wide advertising network
Preferences. Attendance. Content. Topics
KNC technology: traditional, semantic, contextual, unique user targeting
Ads exposure mechanism that enable an exact achievement of the target
Wide audience & exact segmentation
Methology. Statistics. Research.
Effective simplicity in goal
achievement with KNC!

Why to use KNC Tehnology?

  • Possibility to work only with your target market
  • Through niche portals get more appropriate audience
  • Creative, effective forms of advertising
  • High campaign results, CTR
  • Remarkable high ROI
  • Quality: We are committed to statistics, research and correct data analysis methodology


  • ReachMedia
  • Raspberry
  • InText
  • ReTargeting
  • BackTraffics
  • Semantics

About Amplify

Amplify – SEM & Social media advertising. You can promote your business using the power of search engines, social and digital media. We help you get familiar with the cutting edge technology and make most of your company and brand by getting maximum output with its use.

The start position for any Amplify solution is goal – defining of goal, not budget distribution.

Amplify aproach Amplify provides all three!

Why to use Amplify technology?

  • All we do is scalable
  • Entirely centered on achieving results
  • We are using the most modern technologies
  • Lower conversion costs -> Higher ROI
  • Google AdWords certified partner


  • Google Adwords Administration
  • Google Analytics
  • Ad in Social Networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, ВКонтакте, etc.
  • Yandex Direct
  • Kavanga
  • Youtube
  • AdRoll
  • iAd

About ITpakalpojumi

Here at mCloud we don't follow we lead!

We've been providing IT services related to marketing client products according to the latest digital trends. Our appeal is high-level Software development – from website design & development to Mobile Apps & Internal systems.


  • Website Design & Development
  • Website hosting & Administration (Content management)
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Backlink building
  • Mobile App Design & Development
  • Internal system development

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